Be present for pointless challenges

Challenges are many in life

postponing that final step

whilst crossing that minefield

In many shapes and forms they appear

some enforced, some self-inculcated

they take on acceptable personas

education, career, family

some others are recruiting newer adopters

arts, culture and sports

other sombre ones as time immortal

health, death and mounting regrets

Never, my friend, you heed me now

never! let slip the chance to engage in

pointless challenges

Shedding Itinerance

The road to seeking originality

in producing something for the sensing

is fraught with daily wringings

both agonising and disconcerting

but it ends, no doubt, in paradise

A fools paradise!

For, only a fool shields from the truth

‘What is new?’

Derivation can be the only claim

Choosing to ignore

that creator created once

Few know when

Those few, care little about when

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