Modern influence to the mid-life crisis

I happened to meet my cousin and a friend of his for dinner the other night. My cousin had recently extricated himself from his 10 year sojourn in the BPO industry, now working in Insurance. His friend, who was also his ex-colleague, was narrating some of the changes happening in his company.

With a straight face he said that the target for next month is to add 500 more heads. Scaling of teams this rapidly and in such huge numbers happened frequently in the BPO sector, especially in it’s champagne years of 2005-06. It also rarely happened with such urgency, without the need, having already knocked on the door twice, made itself present. I wondered how they were coping with their workload now. Pat came the answer, ‘OT’.

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My deluding Pet

Walking through my neighbourhood

shedding my clothes – naked –

is a day that will arrive sooner

than walking that same path

shedding my Ego

Ego is most difficult to abandon

It is my most intimate possession

It is also my most intimate Pet

The adoption happened innocuously

I discovered this Pet

on a lonely day – or was it night?

I fed it, it purred

I talked to it, it listened

I chastised it, it cowered

But it cuddled me in it’s warm embrace

on that lonely day – or was it night?

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