About This

Expression of one’s views, opinions, ideologies, along with many other thoughts, be they significant or mundane, whether it’s bristling under the surface – seeking an outlet – or merely tapping one’s conscience, and in some cases thoughts that should be downright exiled to the netherworld, have all found an outlet in the magical realm of the ethereal Internet. Every idea has an audience, the challenge is in finding it. Internet, and more specifically Google, has diminished the effort of connecting the two. This is why I feel that it’s high time I used this medium to connect to an audience.

I am one who enjoys the anonymity inherent in a metropolitan culture. To me, whatever time I spend being alone and invisible, while being surrounded by thousands, has the same potential in finding solace as a desolate landscape. Many find this isolation tedious to deal with. I find it enriching. A keen eye and an active mind should never find anything tedious. Most of my writing is a direct result of this.

Staying true to this philosophy I would like to keep this blog as anonymous as possible. There is no active intent to stay anonymous, rather just the opposite. I grew up in a time when the opportunity to be recognized by millions of unknowns required lots of planning, effort, opportunity or even downright luck. I find comfort in this path. In fact I do hope at some point we meet and communicate on a personal level, but that will not happen without any effort from either of us.

Besides, words and ideas should not require a name or a face.

My sole objective here is to express myself as analytically, emotionally, honestly and as completely as possible. It’s impossible for anybody to lead a life without biases and prejudices. It’s part of the learning that life teaches all. I have the same number as any average person. If you excuse me for the ones that rub you the wrong way I shall certainly reciprocate in equal measure.

Finally, although I look forward to your comments on any of my posts I hope the comments are constructive and helpful in furthering the discussion. Token appreciations as well as vengeful retorts will not find the light of day.


Thanks to the following individuals and groups for making this site possible.