Poverty of the mind

Prosperity of the rind

Yoked to the grind

Woe to thee, O mankind!

19th June, 2014. Mumbai.

Silence please

Solitude. Something that was abundant in childhood. Now I am helpless because it is hard to come by and twice as elusive if you wish to seek it. There are times and then there are places. We travel across them to find solace. But fellow travelers travel for reasons. For them travel is the mindless boredom till destination. Something to be filled with the routine of everyday. Mobile phone speakers blare out songs. Kids with their plastic mobiles that croaks the same tune no matter which button is depressed. Laptops with movies and movies with endless background scores. Life no longer a single track audio. Each track playing over another. Stacking noise, creating composite commotion.

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Shedding Itinerance

The road to seeking originality

in producing something for the sensing

is fraught with daily wringings

both agonising and disconcerting

but it ends, no doubt, in paradise

A fools paradise!

For, only a fool shields from the truth

‘What is new?’

Derivation can be the only claim

Choosing to ignore

that creator created once

Few know when

Those few, care little about when

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Urban Haiku

Far away a field

blew across a lawn

implanted as a yard

cramming to survive

5th December, 2012. Mumbai.