Shedding Itinerance

The road to seeking originality

in producing something for the sensing

is fraught with daily wringings

both agonising and disconcerting

but it ends, no doubt, in paradise

A fools paradise!

For, only a fool shields from the truth

‘What is new?’

Derivation can be the only claim

Choosing to ignore

that creator created once

Few know when

Those few, care little about when

Worlds were created

The world we dwell in

and the worlds dwelling within us

Each one of us

Man, animal and all consciousness

Which came first?

Few know which

Those few, care little about which

Mere skin and bone separate them

body, the only medium

supple to one’s will

it moulds into a bridge

or contrives as a chasm

Blend is the goal

Few achieve it

Those few, care the world for it

Separated worlds, agonise for a meet

distance is immeasurable

unit must be discovered first

Voiding the span daunts

Impulse to divide and solve misguides

That dividing divides is futile

when result sought is oneness, eludes realization

No one can grasp it

Few find it

Those few, give it an eternal home

Portals reveal themselves

invitations are implied

Worlds welcome with open arms

Free to visit any world

all desires merge into one

body is no longer a medium

something else is

Few know what

Those few, spend their lifetime spreading that

Many invitations are pending

for on it is printed

‘admittance for one’

but the body makes it two

Duties cannot be shirked

Fulfillment, the absolute demand

A clean break is the next goal

Few achieve it

Those few, seek to emigrate forever

Discovering realms beyond

by excavating worlds within

life for it’s living ceases to exist

Body, a mere armour now

manages the physics of living

Shedding it is the constant temptation

harder now to ignore it’s unbearable fatigue

Duties fulfilled, few abdicate it

never to return

Those few, leave a legacy eternal.

20th December, 2012. Mumbai.

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