Enough playacting

If, as was once said

and regurgitated endlessly since

‘All the world’s a stage,

and all the men and women merely players’

who I wonder is spectating

This impressive production, the cast

the costumes, the sets and locations

impossible to believe is just for the One’s amusement

If that is the case and

one I hold no prejudices against

then what happens if one among us mortals

decides to pursue this pastime?

Not acting as a spectator but living life

as an absolute impotent observer

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My deluding Pet

Walking through my neighbourhood

shedding my clothes – naked –

is a day that will arrive sooner

than walking that same path

shedding my Ego

Ego is most difficult to abandon

It is my most intimate possession

It is also my most intimate Pet

The adoption happened innocuously

I discovered this Pet

on a lonely day – or was it night?

I fed it, it purred

I talked to it, it listened

I chastised it, it cowered

But it cuddled me in it’s warm embrace

on that lonely day – or was it night?

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