Enough playacting

If, as was once said

and regurgitated endlessly since

‘All the world’s a stage,

and all the men and women merely players’

who I wonder is spectating

This impressive production, the cast

the costumes, the sets and locations

impossible to believe is just for the One’s amusement

If that is the case and

one I hold no prejudices against

then what happens if one among us mortals

decides to pursue this pastime?

Not acting as a spectator but living life

as an absolute impotent observer

This is not an easy task

considering the refined teachings as child

employed by family, friends and teachers at close quarters

and from the society more distantly, with lesser investment

Each encouraged to erupt in exhilaration and temper in sorrow

Sorted out, branded, cruelly as unfit

if the physical manifestation be incontextual or incoherent

The implicit deceit of expectation

that dull but constant pressure unavoidable

goading to perform feats

imprinting your name on some stranger’s time

connives expertly for us to assume a role

And once cast

you are immediately typecast

Living life by a template

cautious, smearing crayon only within the outlines

lest you displease

Displease whom?

It’s never a singular

Confusing matters by becoming a collective

How many desire to be a spectator?

Observe without being affected,

be involved yet remain detached

Admiring a magicians magnificent illusion in awe

not preening to decipher it

neither keening to recreate nor alter it

let each urge slip away

Observing an Impala outmanoeuvre a cheetah

with as much dispassion as chancing on

a hollow child of mere skin and bones

stuck firmly in the clutches of inevitability

Restraining the urge to act

refraining from making a dent

defacing the cosmic maya

taking a spray can to a Picasso

While each performs as our karma dictates

no one receiving any more nor less than one deserves

Any belief in this should suffice

in taking the hammer to one’s mould

Destroying that typecast, disowning it forever

Free to inspire and deflate others

spread joy, sorrow, pride and disappointment

in equal orders

Never worrying what the critics say, for

you are no longer performing a role

and spectators are free

to laugh at criticism

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