Indian Seasons

It’s been a slow opinion week so far so instead here’s something I learnt recently. Something that I should have probably known all along but…

In India 12 months of the year are divided in six seasons (ऋतुएं) – Greeshma, Varsha, Sharad, Hemant ,Shishir and Basant. Their timeline on English Calendar is as follows:

  • शिशिर (Winter) – 22nd December to 19th February
  • बसंत (Spring) – 20th February to 21st April
  • ग्रीष्म (Summer) – 22nd April to 21st June
  • वर्षा (Monsoon) – 22nd June to 21st August
  • शरद (Autumn) – 22nd August to 21st October
  • हेमंत (Pre-Winter) – 22nd October to 21st December

7th September, 2010. Mumbai.

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