Israel’s insecurity exported

Among the many accomplishments of modern day Israel listed in a newspaper report that I happened to glance recently, it’s envied-by-most position at the forefront of flight security was among the first as well as one of the most elucidated. I had just finished reading “Night” by Elie Wiesler then – an English translation of the Nobel prize winning author’s most celebrated work, originally written in Yiddish.

Night by Elie Wiesel
Night by Elie Wiesel

The passage through hell that Israel endured resulting in it’s conception was very honestly and palpably captured by the author and revealed to us through his eyes as a mere 16 year old, still seeking constant shelter of his father. The present day irony that Germany is not the cause for Israel’s massive insecurity was suddenly and acutely made aware to me. It’s more historical foes battling an altogether different ideology (organized religion and land) are giving it sleepless nights. Arabs, and Islam in general.

It’s position at the trident of flight security is not so sudden and is easily explained by the experiences they endured in the past. Sympathizing with their state is one sentiment. It was another sentiment that twisted my mind to churn out this piece though. Has the rest of the world become Israel?

Flight security chart
Destination ridiculous – are we there yet?

Has Israel’s almost clinical execution of it’s doctrine of bullets-against-stones and tanks-against-bullets response succeeded in escalating and exporting it’s insecurities to the rest of the world? Should we really celebrate Israel’s success in flight security as a success for humankind? Is not the failure to resolve differences through might abundantly and evidently clear to all, especially now? Why then is there not much dissent and dialogue against states who have adamantly, in many cases even belligerently, followed this path of escalating retribution that is creating an ever new precipice over which our civilization is being constantly pushed over?

Is there any doubt that hell is the inevitable and inescapable destination on this route?

True realm of security is one that requires no enforcers. Such places can only be found in pockets these days and even those are being systematically corroded by the political and media nexus.

25th May, 2010, Mumbai

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