Boys will be boys

Former foreign secretary of UK, David Miliband calls the current Prime Minister of UK David Cameron “a cuttlefish squirting ink”. This retort was in response to David Cameron’s boldly blunt statement during his week long India visit that Pakistan is exporting terrorism.

In a news story with similar overtones, Chintu (Chaitanya) from the Veer Savarkar Prathmik Vidyalay (Veer Savarkar primary school) called his classmate Rinku (Raunak) a hippopotamus. According to sources close to the two, Chintu’s ire was a result of Rinku polishing off the contents of Chintu’s tiffin box during Miss. Mendonza’s History class.

Few of the kids interviewed for this piece seemed disctincly jumpy. Rumour has it that Rinku is an exceptionally sadistic hoppingo-baithingo player.

It goes without saying that both Miliband and Chintu are at “katti” terms with Cameron and Rinku respectively.

2nd August, 2010, Mumbai.

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