Mumbai’s trusting side

I was involved in my regular monthly catch-up conversation with my cousin in Bengaluru when she mentioned that an acquaintance of her had recently moved to Mumbai after living in Bengaluru for many years and that he needed some help in finding accommodation. She had given him my contact information. She also proceeded to narrate this person’s excitement at experiencing Mumbai first hand and how surprised he had been in finding the auto drivers and shopkeepers being so courteous. Anybody who has any experience dealing with auto drivers in Mumbai and Bengaluru will vouch for the professionalism of the man in khaki from Mumbai. For the rest, I’ll attempt to elaborate.

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The Mumbai Street Sandwich

A delicacy among college kids not just for the bargain it is for a seemingly healthy dish but also for the extra dollops of the sacredly guarded tomato sauce (ketchup).

The cornerstone of this delight is bread slices whose edges have been cut precisely enough to shave off lumpy edges without any noticeable loss in it’s square area. This slice is then smeared with a paste of green chutney made out of corianders and chilly and some butter which is identifiable only by its creamy colour and slimy texture; never by the aroma or flavour.

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